Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

Reindeer Hunt 2014

Hello here I am again,
with lots of news:

Some of you might be like "What? Hunting?", but this kind of hunt is actually just a game at my school :D Everybody gets a card with another person's name, and that person gets your name, too. After that you have three days to find your target, follow it, and tag it when it's not looking.
The winners' names land in a box for the next round, and the game will continue during the next three weeks until Christmas break. I think the final winner will get some money and a huge reindeer trophy or so.

Here's the link to a video that explains this year's reindeer hunt a bit more in detail:

If you don't know the person you're supposed to hunt, you can go to the learning commons and pay a quarter to the librarian, who will then print off your target's timetable and yearbook picture. *stalking*

The whole school is going crazy about the game, and you see people hiding under tables, in the washrooms, waiting in front of classrooms for hours, or just running from one place to the other.

I was really excited for reindeer hunt because I think it's an awesome game and it should definitely be brought to German schools. So last week during lunch I spent a huge amount of time working on strategies (like for example spinning around constantly while walking through the school, or wearing sunglasses with mirrors in the edges so you can see in both directions), and this morning I even went to school in my runners and without socks, because people told me that boots are actually the most dangerous thing to wear during the hunt (no fun, with - 4 degrees).

I got the name at the end of period 1 (I didn't know the boy) and while I was still wondering who "Evan" might be, he had already tracked me down and was like "Can I have your clip, please?"
I mean, seriously?? I had prepared myself for hours, and then, five minutes into the game, I was out! xD I didn't even get to walk out of my classroom...
I was a little disappointed by myself, so now I just started to help others catch their reindeer.

Tomorrow I might change my strategy, though, as I saw others randomly walking up to people and clip them when they're not looking, even though they're not their real targets, but it's just funny to see their faces when they think someone got them xD
I'm becoming mean :D


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